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Client was unhappy with his web designer, felt that the guy was a nice but did not "offer" any other marketing guidance nor was nor did the client feel that he was getting feed back beneficial to his business. I was referred and client consulted with me about his goals and I made some suggestions based on clients goals. He mentioned that the cruxt of his business was "cash advances" plus he offered up some other unique business services that were absent from him home page. In other words, he had conveyed that very relevant and important information about services he offered were not appearing or even noted on his home page. I informed him that since 90 % of visitors seek this information and do not go past the first page.. that adding this information as well as quick actionable feature would make his website more effective. It would also improve in other areas as well. I also did some competitive analysis and found that he was not properly optimized and therefore not visibly on very important keywords. I also made some suggestions to add more functionality to his site that would make his business workflow much simpler. Client uses constant contact, chat messenger and online applications. I was able to add these feature and functions to the new site as well as the relavent information for his customers.
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Existing Client - New Compatible Template, Add Function

Current client with old template. I had to inform my client that his template that we used years ago to build his site is no longer being supported by the developer. Plus we are experience security issues in regards to compatibility with upgraded PHP versions. And after discussing these challenges with the client, he disclosed some new feature and functionality that he would like to have added. The client is also a recruitment firm for non-profits and is looking for a way to accept, store and share candidate resumes and cover letter with their clients. Stay tuned.......
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